The recipe in npecom's node above is an exceptionally easy and quick meal to put together when an army descends on you with growling tummies. I have a similar (but less easy and quick) version that I use.



  1. Set your pressure cooker to sauté (large one works best, but this can be done in stages and dumped into a giant crock pot if needed. My monster pressure cooker is large enough to cook a whole 16lb frozen turkey for example, but I also have an 8qt Instant Pot and a large crock pot if I don't want to clean the monster out.)
  2. Put in half of the selected oil.
  3. Put in ground beef, break up into smaller chunks if using a chub.
  4. Add in the beef.
  5. Cook until well browned.
  6. If using a crock pot, dump everything in there so far and set it to "low", else remove and set aside.
  7. Add in other half of selected oil. No need to clean out the pressure cooker.
  8. Add chunked onions and garlic, sauté until browned.
  9. Chop and de-seed bell peppers into long strips or chunks, your call, and add them in. Sauté for two minutes.
  10. Add in all canned goods including vegetable juice.
  11. Add in all spices, stirring them in so they don't clump.
  12. Stir in beef broth.
  13. If you have a large enough pressure cooker, add the meat back in. If not, pull four cups of mixture and add to the crock pot with meat.
  14. Set pressure cooker to "pressure" setting. Cook for 20 minutes.
  15. Fast-release, being careful to avoid steam burns.
  16. Open the pressure cooker and add in potatoes.
  17. Close and pressure cook for another 20 minutes.
  18. When done, allow for a slow-release. Open and check potatoes for doneness. If needed, either pressure cook for an additional 10 minutes or set the device to slow cooker mode and let it bubble for another 45 minutes on medium.
  19. Serve in bowls with Italian bread to dip into the soup.
  20. Options are cooked bacon bits or hot peppers.

Once this concoction starts cooking your house will smell wonderful. When I make this I use my bread machine to make garlic-butter bread. For me, this lasts for three days of three meals per day. I never get tired of it. Enjoy!