I went to see a movie with Alan and a friend of his from school. His friend had black hair and geeky black glasses, and a green and white striped polo shirt. The movie was based on some myth that dragons will take revenge on people who get in their way. The ultimate form of revenge the dragons will use is to breathe in a person's soul through its nose and out through its mouth. This will twist reality in such a way that the person will think his life is really a nightmare.

Alan's geeky friend was really into dragons, and very excited about this film. The main character in the film was a young boy who is obsessed with dragons, and constantly reading books about them. He has a recurring fantasy of riding a dragon over the city. At one point, there is a loud booming noise as he is walking down the street (picture Jurassic Park). The boy looks up and sees an enormous dragon the size of a T-Rex. The dragon keeps turning around and the townspeople can't figure out which way to run to avoid him. The boy leads them towards a tunnel where they can hide out. However, when they get there he starts screaming that the tunnel is on fire. Everyone stands outside the tunnel, and a giant floating dragon head comes through, surrounded by sparkly dust. The boy jumps onto the head and flies around the city. That's the end of the film. I think it was directed by a dream version of Spielberg.

Alan and I laughed at the film, telling his friend what a waste of money it was. He gets really upset because he thought the film was great, takes a few deep breaths in a huff, and runs off.

Later on, Alan and I are driving home. We see a boy by the side of the road who looks very much like his friend. He climbs onto a tree stump and then jumps off just like a little kid would. We laugh at him, and then return our gazes to the road ahead of us. We are shocked to see another boy down the road who is doing the same thing. Then another, and another and another. Pretty soon, the road is full of tree stumps and geeky boys climbing them and jumping off.

We eventually learn that Alan's geeky friend is an incarnation of some ancient dragon. He was very upset with us for making fun of the dragon film, so he decided to punish us with the ultimate dragon vengeance: breathing our souls in and out to turn our reality into a nightmare.