I'm in a hotel with a lot of people from my rehab center. We're chillin in our rooms after curfew (somehow I have my own) and then this black chick comes and knocks, and I let her in. She's got a negative vibe like she's a prostitute or something, but we're almost about to have sex when there's another knock at the door. It's this weird schizo guy, mumbling to himself (my shadow side?). He's generally freaky so I decide not to answer it. WELL, he gets frustrated at this and somehow unzips himself straight down the middle, forming two distinct separated halves! This gives him supernatural powers and he busts through the door like nothing. He chases me all around the rehab center and I'm about fucked as he corners me in the laundry room. Just about when he's gonna bite my head off he opens a cigarette tin and says "Hey, want a cigarette?" Then I went back to my room and smoked it with the aforementioned woman.

Interpretation.. The black woman obviously represents some kind of negative anima type thing. The fact that we're about to have sex shows that I've been indulging in negative anima projections. Then the crazy shadow guy comes along. The way he splits himself in two seems to represent the dichotomy existing in my mood swings and states. His chasing after me is symbolic of my powerlessness over my bipolar tendencies. Then he offers me a cigarette which is way, way symbolic of the way I use smoking to change my moods and balance them out as much as I can.

Whew.. that was an exhausting dream.

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