Okay, let's lay this to rest here:

Things are different in each country, yes? People living in a country node what they see, yes? One of the purposes of e2 is to function as a repository of all knowledge (or something), yes? A node consists of one or more writeups, yes? Okay, so here's what you do:

If someone nodes something which mentions an item, custom or whatever particular to their own country, add your own writeup with the extra information, like so: "In England/America/Wherever, a taxi/ferret/dildo is called a cupboard/pictogram/felcher, and is usually black/beige/Nigel in colour." That way, when people look something up, they will have all the facts at hand, and you will keep your individuality and all that shit. For fuck's sake don't turn the world into one big country, where everything is the same.

Don't add things like "How DARE you not know what colour a furbengabber is in Katmandu, you Americans/British/Serbo-Croats are so fucking insular and narrow-minded", because it just starts ugly, smelly fights with cheap aftershave. They're not doing it just to insult you, they're not ignorant, they just haven't memorised every single fact and statistic on the entire planet. While we're at it, let's drop the colour/color favor/favour thing too - so we all spell things differently, big deal. Hey, in most countries they have a totally different language - should we insult the French for spelling it "bonjour" when it's quite obviously spelt "hello"? No. (We should insult them for setting fire to sheep and blocking ports with lorries, instead.)

On a final note, to all you lovely Americans - without whom there would have been no Stanley Kubrick, no Pi (the film, not the number), no Hunter S. Thompson, Marilyn Monroe, J. D. Salinger, or any other amount of coolness that has had some influence on my life - relax. A few Europeans poking fun at you won't bring your country crashing down around you. Poke fun back. I like America, Americans and a lot of the things you've given us. That doesn't mean I can't take the piss out of Michael Bolton, or cheesy tourists in loud check pants, or kids who ask me "do you have pizzas in Ireland?" and "what colour are the trees over there?" - because I understand that not all Americans are Michael Bolton, or cheesy tourists. Don't go apeshit every time someone has the gall to not love every aspect of your country (this goes for everyone, not just US-folk), it just makes you look like a bunch of humourless fucks. You really won't stand for anything other than blind allegiance from everyone else sometimes, and it doesn't do you any favours at all. Chill out, okay? We like you really, you're our mates - and mates always mess about and jokingly insult each other without taking offence, don't they?

That's why you can add your own piece under a writeup - so that all the information is noded, and available. Multiple writeups, folks! Officially a Good Thing. Thankyou and goodnight.

Oh, another aside to Americans - you didn't win the war for us, though - sorry...

donfreenut: Good point, well made. But as for the vitriolic noding - if you want to see a writeup really getting killed and eaten, convince a non-US noder to post something even mildly making fun of Americans. Even if it's correct, well-written, and a work of genius, it will still die on its arse...