Gelett Burgess was a famous American nonsense poet.

He graduated as a Bachelor of Science from MIT, but after 3 years of work in San Francisco, he became sick of science.

He then became an instructor of topographical drawing, which lasted for 3 years.

After instructing, he started up The Lark, a literary magazine which lasted 2 years. In this, he published his famous nonsense poem The Purple Cow, which brought Burgess much fame.

The Lark published nonsense, essays, fiction, drawings, inventions, and more, and the main contributor was Burgess.

Burgess eventually was published in many collections of his work. Aside from The Purple Cow, some examples of his work include:

The Window has four little Panes --
But One have I.
The Window Panes are in its Sash --
I wonder Why!

The Towel hangs upon the Wall --
And Somehow, I don't Care at All.
The Door is Open. I must Say
I rather fancy it that way!

See also automatic poetry.