I have had quite the inability to sleep lately, but I seem to have dreams just in time to be interrupted by my alarm clock quite frequently.

I was working in my hometown Brookshire Bros. again, except there was more space between the aisles. I was a worker there and so were many others that I know, although I don't remember who. I do remember that Ryan was the manager.

We were preparing for some meeting to take place in the produce aisle. I was walking around looking at everything and all the fruits and vegetables were bright and dewy and fresh and all in straight lines.

I ran down to the opposite side of the store and talked to a Chinese guy with a bloody apron and a cleaver. He had some unique new food ideas to present. I was happy that we were going to revolutionalize things. I scampered back to side of the store near the produce to make sure things were okay with Ryan. I thought they probably would be, but I couldn't be sure.

I ran up and hugged him and he kissed me and I was surprised because I thought he'd consider it inappropriate in a work environment. I said, "You know the Chinese guy with the cleaver that's kinda creepy? I told him he could speak on some ideas he has."

Ryan said, "That'd be great." and I went back to the produce section to give it another once-over.

That's all I remember.