I dreamt of water again. This time I was in the sea, an ocean of sorts. The water was very light and clear. The kind you see in holiday commercials. Only it was light and clear until deep deep down. The ground seemed smooth, artificial even. It reminds me now of the floor of some long lost city, like Atlantis, but alive still, just kept secret. Or as if we've all moved under water.

I was a member of some special unit of a secret organization. I don't remember our mission, but I knew I mustn't be detected. I was wearing my diving gear but definitely no wetsuit. Probably just swimmers and that was it.

I took my orders and dove off. Drifted for a while. Then I found my destination - a jewelry shop - under water. Everything was kept in maroon. The walls, the floor, the partitions between the showcases - all were maroon. There is little jewelry I remember - most of it was made of gold though; tasteful and delicate little artworks.

I had to remain undetected - i.e. people were allowed to see me, but they weren't allowed to notice me. I can't remember what the objective of my mission was - I think it had to do with some kind of eavesdropping.

In one occasion I had to force myself to dive even deeper, to examine some bottom corner of the underwater jewelers. My diving mask filled with water and in a short moment of panic I remembered that in real life I'd never quite figured out how to empty the mask under water - but to my astonishment everything went fine. I blew out a little of the water and the rest that remained was unnoticeable because it was truly crystal clear and it didn't sting at all (yet I'm sure it was an ocean - salt water).

After a while I left the jewelers and suddenly was in an underwater department store. Funnily enough there was no water in it - I could move freely. I can't remember having taken off my diving gear, nor do I remember putting it on again before leaving the store and being in water again. I assume it was just very light gear.

I went to a basement level bit of the building, which seemed to be independent of the department store. A small, flea market like, alternative clothing shop. I looked at green Indian style gowns. There were also many second hand books standing on white shelves.

Behind the counter stood L. Her hair had grown, it was a bit longer than shoulder length now, black and wavy; her bearing was more mature, but it was definitely her. She herself was very earnest and told me important things (which I can't remember). We talked about books. Then I had to leave.

I went up into the main part of the department store, where I ran into my parents which surprised me a bit, I had thought them to be on vacation in Germany. We waved at each other but didn't talk.

I left the store, outside in the water again, walking down an underwater road, which looked a lot like the stations road in Brig, complete with underwater trees, underwater sun and cars...


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