An interesting glitch that results from Microsoft's lack of program testing in the NT4 operating system-

If you have an account on the server that has restricted access to Internet Explorer, you can still get to the web. Open up Microsoft Word (2000 or newer), and type in "" (or whatever website you want to visit). Word will promptly change that from plain text into a hyperlink. When you click the link, Word will bypass the security restrictions (active-x, java abilities, cookies, etc) set on Internet Explorer, and open a normal browser window.

Also, the site-censoring program restrictions are discarded, so if your computer restrictions on the types of sites you can visit (x-rated pictures, non-work related sites, etc.), you can get around them. However, if the network administrator is good at his job, the server will keep tabs on what accounts access the web, and what sites each account visit.

I learned this from my Computer Science class in highschool. Our teacher, Mr. DelGudice, still has no clue how we get Internet Explorer to load.

I have only tested this on NT4, and no other Microsoft OS's. I know this glitch is not present on Mac OS9 or X.