Hot or Not is a website devoted to the numerical ranking of individuals. Previously known as Am I Hot or Not?, the website was started in October of 2000. There have been modifications to the site since the appearance of the Am I Hot or Not? node. First off is obviously the title of the website, which is now just Hot or Not. Secondly, there is a Meet Me feature which makes this much like an internet personals forum.

Initially when going to this webpage, you are directed through a series of photos where you are allowed to vote 1-10 for the person shown. There are many opinions regarding this type of website on the Am I Hot or Not? node, and I welcome everyone to read them. Those comments mostly express extreme distaste for such a website and claim that it just goes to show what a sad society we live in. I propose, however, that a site like this is simply a novelty that has no impact and does not offer a dark glimpse into the shallowness of humanity. It's just a web page. I think it is very likely that most voters fly through the pages of random photos with very little thought as to what they rank the person. It's no big deal.

Now, the web page has experienced additions and changes since the change from Am I Hot or Not?. The ranking system has been modified with a normalization technique to account for extreme lows and highs in the voting. Also, there is now a Meet Me feature that allows for people to start email correspondence with others on the site. In order to use the Meet Me feature, you must sign up for a free account. However, you cannot actually email the person unless one of you is a paid member of the site. The typical cost is roughly six dollars a month.

The Meet Me function has a database searchable by keyword and location. The user is then shown a photograph and a short biography of people that fit the search criteria and they are allowed to select yes or no for the opportunity to meet the person. If the user selects yes, their profile is sent to the other person using email. If that person then selects yes, the profile is put into a double match directory and the two can email or message eachother.

Of course, there are some photos and biographies that are fakes and put up for the apparent amusement of a few individuals, but on the whole, the site appears to have a fairly honest following. It has now become a bit of a personals site without the explicit purpose of arranging dates.