He's got magical eyes, he's full of surprises, Brian Peppers, Brian Peppers!

He's 5 ft 2 and he lives in a shoe, Brian Peppers, Brian Peppers!

Looking left, looking right, looking up, and looking down....all at the same time!- The Brian Peppers Song

In the age of the internet, people can become accidental celebrities just by the simple act of posting their photo online, that fact cannot be truer about Brian Peppers. Peppers, a man from Waterville, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, was arrested in 1998 for gross conduct and charges of sexual assault. Because of his misconduct charges, a photo of him appears on Ohio's eSORN database which lists and shows photos of registered sex offenders.

Brian has some kind of facial deformity (possibly Apert Syndrome, Crouzon Syndrome or another branchial arch condition), which made his photo stand out. He is also wheelchair-bound and another source says he was charged with groping a nurse at his nursing home.

Brian made his debut as an internet meme around 2005 and soon became an internet phenomenon. The image was submitted to Hot or not and soon found its way to YTMND (which has over 3,527 pages featuring Peppers and usually depict him as some kind of sexual deviant, such as a child molester) and Fark.



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