The X-files

Episode: 1X05
First aired: 10/22/93
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: Michael Katleman

Mulder and Scully investigate the attack on Laura Kyte. Kyte was lamenting the suicide of her boss and attacked at an ATM. The two men were then attacked by an unseen force and Kyte survives unharmed.
Scully examines the two bodies and finds traces of residual electromagnetic charge and sees that the man's throats appeared to be crushed from the inside.

Scully and Mulder find Kyte who is unwilling to talk. When they leave Kyte's home, Mulder and Scully's car suddenly serve out of control and they crash, both unharmed. Mulder suggests a poltergeist.
Lauren confronts her boss's partner about the suicide now thinking that it was murder.

Soon after she is attacked in her home but the two attackers are killed by the same unseen force. Mulder crashes through the door to see one man suspended in the air as his throat is being crushed.

Mulder and Scully find that Kyte's boss had been killed by his partner because of some illegal business transaction that her boss was going to expose.

Bureau agents rush into the office building and Kyte confronts the partner. Mulder and Kyte enter his office and suddenly the door slams shut and the partner is slammed against the wall. Pictures and papers start to fly everywhere and a knife flies to the man's face then to the wall where it cuts open the fabric and reveals a computer disk with proof of the crime.

Important quotes:
Scully -- "They're he-ere"

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