Ran up rolled down sand dunes caught longingly constellations. Sand in our shoes and pockets and hair and eyes that would stay for days reminding we were the only ones on the edge of the continent for so far. Factories drew us close with their scattered lights and smoking chiminies. Daylight went darker we walked between lines with little chunks of oil stick, sometimes climbing back and forth over the do not step mating. Kicking at the gravel and tripping on ties and liking it all because it was our own grit industrial grey shadows and starting to get late. Each day as it grew dim we found ourselves more at ease and the adventures lined up to happen. Bridges and tunnels and beaches and boats, in black on blacker shadows we walked carefully sometimes with fear pushing each other just a little farther until we both went where neither would but wanted go. Each knew when words were crucial or comfortable and when to just shut up and try to soak all of the too much amazing in. The stars in same patterns were with us all these times and sort of the same it helped combine them into a continuous drifting dark whole. A cold and quiet gracefuly amazing peaceful that I wish every night could be.

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