Happy Friday, Everything!!!!

I am so very tired today. Right now I am sitting in Uris Library (Cornell University) waiting for my chem lab to start in half an hour, so I'm quite bored.
So, I have been back for a week now and the first week of classes have gone by. I would say it was a good week overall. I've started working hard on my classes, and I really just enjoy being up here. Ah, to be a freshman in college!

Last night I went to a party at Kappa Delta Rho (or KDR) a frat that I'm getting to know very well. I didn't drink but I played fuse ball into the night! Me and my friend, one of the brothers there made a most excellent team, with me as the defense. I think we went up against 6 different teams and won them all. Of course, I was completely sober and my teammate wasn't all that gone, so the fact that those who wanted to play were pretty much out of it probally helped our chances. Either way, it was fun as anything.

I was thinking how much fun it would be if we got an E2 tournament of fuse ball going. That wouln't be too feasible, I guess.

Well, it's time for that chem lab. I really don't like chemistry, but as a bio major I have to take intro, orgo, an bio chem, as a total of 7 semesters worth in my 8 semester career here (orgo lab is a separate course although I'll take it with one of the lectures). I thought I had failed last years chemistry, luckily I didn't and I did relatively well (well, relative to an F, I guess). So we'll see for this semester. I'm also still taking bio, an a writing seminar. I am also taking intro to sociology 101, which should be a good (and easy) course.

So, have a wonderful day, everything!!


So, it turns out that metacognizant is in my chem lab! So, beware world! We will take over with intro chemical reactions! mwuahahahaha.