The X-files

Ghost in the Machine
Episode: 1X06
First aired: 10/29/93
Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon]
Directed by: Jerrold Freeman

Mulder and Scully investigate the electrocution of the chief executive at a high-tech firm
who was in charge of the COS project, or Central Operating System.

Jerry Lamana, Mulder's former partner, brings him the case. Lamana takes Mulder's profile
of the killer and pretends it is his own. Mulder is annoyed but doesn't do anything.

Mulder and Scully go to see Brad Wilczek who created the COS system but had left the firm over
a dispute with the late chief executive.

When Wilczek is proven to be the last person to speak to the electrocuted man, Lamana goes
to arrest him but plummets to his death in a falling elevator as Wilczek watches helplessly.

Mulder speaks to Deep Throat who tells him that the Defense Department is interested in
Wilczek because he created artificial intelligence that is now killing in self-preservation.

Mulder and Scully enter to building and the lights go out so that they can't get through
the electronic doors.
Scully is boosted into an airvent and is sucked towards the blades of a huge fan.

A man finds Mulder and opens the door and they find Wilczek. The man turns out to be a
Defense Department spy. Scully frees herself and Mulder is now able to introduce the virus.

We see the COS in parts being analyzed. Small lights start to flicker on.

Important quotes:
Scully (about Lamana) -- "How come you two went your separate ways?"
Mulder -- "I’m a pain in the ass to work with."
Scully -- "Seriously."
Mulder -- "I’m not a pain in the ass?"

This is the first episode in which Scully fires her gun (at the fan).

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