The X-files

Episode: 2X07
First aired:11/04/94
Written by: Chris ruppenthal, Glen Morgan, and James Wong
Directed by: David Nutter

The only episode that does not feature Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully becuase of Anderson's pregnancy.

A buisnessman is killed by a woman and her male acomplices. We see them sucking blood out of the man.

Mulder returns to his office after a couple of months, puts Scully's objects into her file in his files. He gets a call and we see him show up at the L.A. murder scene. Mulder notes that there have there have been 6 similar murders where the victim is drained of blood.

Mulder thinks he's on to a cult and finds one of the suspects at a blood bank. The suspect, John, says he's a vampire but Mulder is skepitcal and places John in a cell where the sunlight can hit him. John actually does burn to death.

Clues lead Mulder to a club where he meets Kristen who tells him that he's lost someone close (Scully). Kristen offers Mulder to taste her blood but he declines and she leaves with another man. Suspecting her, Mulder follows but is beaten up by the man who in turn is killed. Mulder learns from the coroner that there are three sets of bite marks on the victim.

Mulder finds Kristen again who tells her that she's running from the trio and that she's not part of the murdering trio. It is presumed that Mulder and Kristen go to bed together although we don't actually see anything...

They awake to find that John has come back from the dead and is with his pals. They escape and kill the female in the trio with a wooden stake. Kristen tastes the woman's blood to become part of the group. She procedes to burn down the house with her trio in it. Four bodies are found and Mulder is left alone clutching Scully's cross.

Important Quotes:
John -- "Don’t you want to live forever?"
Mulder -- "Well, not if drawstring pants come back into style."

Mulder -- "I didn’t check into a hotel room. I don’t sleep anymore."

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