Green stripes rippled over Lucy's hand and disappeared - *blip*.

"Accessory size determined", a voice crackled from a little speaker. "Six and one half inch wrist diameter. Skin tone FFAA12BC. We recommend the following items:" She glanced through the list of bracelets, barely taking time to see them all.

"You know, Amanda, I always wanted to have perfect skin, just like yours, and now that I've got it, it doesn't seem worth it to me."

"Oh Lucy, don't say that! Your skin is wonderful! When I have mine done again, I think I'm going to go with an Asian style. What do you think?"

"Ew, Asian? God, I don't know. You might look a little funny. I mean, I think you'd be, like, pretty any way, but Asian? Well, it's your skin."

"I really like the Asian look. I think it would go well my my eyes - well, I'd get those changed too. Red goes with pale skin OK, but I think I'd better go with purple. Did you know that Bobby..."

The crackly voice from the machine behind them spoke again. "Your identification metrics indicate that you are Class A Worker Android B9971AF24C1212. You are outside your allocated security zone. You must return to your allocated security zone. In addition, a Grid Warrant has been issued for your decommission for the crime of impersonating a human. Please remain still until security arrives."

Lucy pulled a pin from her hair and pricked her finger. A sphere of red grew there, and she put her hand back inside the machine.

"Your biometrics confirm your human identity. We apologize for the confusion."

"They keep confusing me with some rogue Android lately", Lucy said, "I'm scared one day I'm going to get accidentally 'decommissioned' ".

At that moment, Lucy was knocked unconscious.

Class A Worker Android B9971AF24C1212 took a syringe out of her purse and used it to draw blood out of Lucy's thigh.

"Thank you, Miss Lucy", Amanda said.