Ya Basta! has been a most welcome addition to the protest actions friends of mine and I have attended.

Prior to demos, Ya Basta! often holds workshops at which one can learn how to build effective shields and body armor out of readily available materials. They can also teach you the best ways to fall, and how to avoid being injured (as much) when the police are beating you while you're on the ground. An experienced Ya Basta! member can tell you all sorts of useful things about how to deal with tear gas and pepper spray.

During an action, Ya Basta! often performs the vital role of protecting other demonstrators. They are willing and well prepared enough to stand between the police and vulnerable protesters, absorbing the truncheon blows and chemical attacks so others can fight the good fight.

As police violence at protests increases, the presence of Ya Basta! and other like-minded people will undoubtedly become more and more crucial.