Danny Sage - Guitars & Vocals
Howie Pyro - Bass
Jesse Malin - Vocals
Michael Wildwood - Drums
Richard Bacchus - Guitars & Vocals

D Generation are five angry, disgusted, pissed-off--yet dedicated--rockers from New York who've lived off the streets and done everything possible to avoid steady day jobs in the name of living the life of Rock n' Roll. Wedged somewhere inbetween the Ramones and the New York Dolls; these so called "degenerate misfit deviants" are actuality quite talented musicians.
After their first label (EMI) dropped them; D Generation later signed to Columbia Records and picked Ric Ocasek (Bad Brains, Weezer, Bad Religion, Suicide) to produce NO LUNCH, the group's Columbia debut. The album was mixed by Rob Schnapf and Tom Rothrock (Foo Fighters, Beck, Toadies).