Ah, there is another mutual problem of Christians and feminists. Again it is their fringe elements who are responsible. Anyone who has been on a university campus in the past ten years will recognize it. Their problem is…

A propensity to disseminate false information about sex

You know, those flyers hanging on bulletin boards or poles.

Abstinence is the solution!
Take back the night

The Christian groups want young people not to have sex, and their flyer will invariably be filled with falsehoods intended to scare people into celibacy:

Condoms have been shown to be ineffective against HIV transmission

and so forth. These statements will often have a credible seeming source cited. My guess is that what they do is take a real finding way our of context. Like maybe the above statement was from a survey of IV drug users.

The feminist groups seem like to perpetuate the idea that men are sexual predators. I actually saw the following claim once:

Did you know? 20% of collegiate dates end in rape!

Again, a credible sounding source may be cited. But these and similar claims are obviously nonsense. There is a great diversity of feminist thought out there, but it seems that the most sex-negative, male-negative strains are the ones active on campuses.

This spreading of false information might attract the gullible to their ranks, but if feminist and Christian groups want to get the best and brightest, making themselves seem ridiculous in this way is a real problem.