Mallification weighing on your soul? Wish you could escape but can't?

I see you have made a fundamental mistake that many have made before. You've limited the range of options for beiing alienated to those that would make you a cliche alienatee.

Just because you don't want to support the sweatshop/marketing plex that is Nike doesn't mean you have to go barefoot and grow dreadlocks. Ever heard of New Balance? Payless? This way you can still do your crosstraining and not be that wanker trying to 'be like Mike' on the backs of ten year olds in Laos. If you find Starbucks' blockbusting unacceptable you don't have to switch to brewed sasafrass bark - just buy some Meijer brand coffee and DIY. If you don't like Backstreet and Britney, that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to Tibetan chants. Check out some classic rock for pete's sake.