Five is a male number, being odd (isn't that appropriate...). It is also a sex number like three, but for different reasons.

Three, the godlike "best" number, is the number of sex for procreation, the creation number. Five, however, is the first female number (2) added to the first male number (3), so it is the number of sex for fun. (By the way, 3 is the first odd number in numerology and most ancient number systems. One isn't a number; it's a Unity.)

The qualities of five can all be pretty much inferred from sex: Quickness, impulsiveness, passion, and resilience. A five-person is usually thought of as the rash, "hot" type; lives hard and fast and hates being tied down.

Five is also the number of Nature, because it is the Unity added to four (the number of substance). That's right, God plus stuff equals Nature. Hm, who'd have known? Anyway, the nature thing is why pentagrams and other world-symbols are often five-sided or five-pointed. On to six...