As shopsinc shows us, any word or set of words can quickly become diluted, even words as powerful as "HOLY TRINITY". Hell, I've heard startup business ideas called "the Holy Grail". *lol*

In magickal systems based on High Magick, the Trinity is generally spoken in Hebrew (though High Mages, especially Enochians and their brethren, tend to vibrate, not speak, when performing the "sign of the cross" or other rituals, no matter how minor). Its meaning was derived by Crowley and others--using gematria--to essentially be Will (for the Father), Love (for the Son) and Divine Laughter (for the Holy Spirit. I'd have to slog through about seven languages to make that make rational sense, so just accept the instinctual sense it makes for now, okay? *g* The other interesting point is that High Mages of all sorts do the Sign of the Cross itself sort of backwards--they touch the forehead (third eye), the chest (heart chakra), and the right-then-left shoulers. The Christians touch the left shoulder first. To be fair, King Solomon's writings (which are the first and among the most revered teachings of Hebraic ritual) do stipulate right-shoulder-first. I have no idea why it got changed in Christian doctrine. The Jews, at least the Orthodox ones, still touch the right shoulder first too, and while they don't like Crowley much, they use the same Hebrew terminology as the High Mages. 'Cause, well, it IS theirs to begin with!

Have fun with your Trinity, whichever one you like!