Great node! The Romantic Fallacy is also proof that there's just some places Reason can't go. We know that viewing Mankind's Operating System as an inherently evil thing does nothing good for us at all--it just makes us hate ourselves and each other. And yet, the other rational option--viewing our basic programming not as "original sin" but a state of strayed-from purity--doesn't seem to work either. The other option is neutrality--pure science. Our hardwiring is neither naturally good nor naturally evil; it's simply a matter of survival and perpetuation of the DNA species. Some people want to accept that one; because it's neither one nor the other, we assume it must be better than both of them; it's a natural response. We all want to walk the line. But since we all have souls--or something non-rational of that sort--we don't like the pure science of it either.

The answer, as any philosopher knows, is not yes, no, or neither. It's both. And although some people can understand that "in their hearts", how the hell do you get there rationally?