Apple's best attempt so far at making the Macintosh affordable. As of this writing, there are four iMac models in production (all prices are in US dollars and are rounded up to better represent reality):

Discontinued iMac models include:

All iMacs feature a 512k backside cache (aka level 2 cache), two USB ports, a prominent monitor with a 13.8" diagonal viewable area (for those of you who buy the hype that everyone peddles about monitor sizes, that's a 15" monitor), a 56k modem, and, through a standard RJ-45 jack, 10/100BaseT Ethernet support.

The iMac has proved to be a smash success; millions have been sold since the first Bondi Blue machines were introduced. The success of the iMac is the biggest reason why Apple made a comeback. For ordinary computer usage, they're really not as bad as they sound, but for serious, strenuous computing and the option of upgradeability, save up for a G4 and monitor.

Contrast iBook.