The problem is not drug positive writeups on Everything2. The problem is a government and a society that refuses to give the populace information on how to make drug use reletively safer, should they choose to use drugs despite their legal status. Perhaps if "Drug Education" (at least in the United States, see DARE) was not an oxymoron, then people would be able to make intelligent choices about drugs, or at least take steps to reduce the risks associated with drugs.

Instead, we teach fear and disinformation. We don't teach kids about drugs, we indoctrinate them with lists of side effects, anti-drug propaganda, and urban legends that the government offers as facts.

Rather than address why people would want to take drugs (the pleasurable effects), they offer embellished ancedotes about drug highs, with negative spin, of course. If you drop acid you'll think you can fly and jump off a balcony. Reefer Madness still reigns supreme when it comes to pot.

Why do kids die as a result of drug use? Because if we taught people how to be more safe about drug use, we wouldn't have the stories on the evening news about how some girls blood boiled in her body because she became hypothermic on ecstacy at a rave. Those stories serve as government propaganda for the War on Drugs. Rather than tell people they need to drink plenty of water, and that they can easily overheat on E, our government lets people die in ignorance. I doubt it that people don't want information about the drugs they're taking, it is that our government and our society have made it difficult to find any information drugs other than, "Drugs are bad, mmmkay?"

We teach that pre-marital sex, underage drinking, and smoking cigarettes are bad. People have all kind of information about those subject, and yet they still engage in those activities. However, through sex education, we've been able to reduce teenage pregnancy and the transmission of HIV and other venerial diseases. We encourgaged condom use, and although barrier protection does not make sex absolutly safe by any means, it still leads to safer practices. Still, there are people who make poor choices, given good information on these subjects. Given that, what makes anyone think that ignorance about drugs and relitive drug safety is going to lead to a choice not to do drugs? Abstinace only education doesn't reduce the rate of sexually active teens, do we really think that by denying drug information to our youth is going to result in choices that are any better?