Today is my birthday!

PsionicMan, est. Oct. 12, 1983

Makes me a whopping 19 years old... not too amazing... nothing fun that comes with 19. Last year it was porn, lotto, and smokes oh my! Couple of years it will be alcohol. But for now, I must content myself with what I have.

It's my first birthday since I departed the simple era of my life and came down to Austin to attend school. It's been great so far. Don't really miss my family that much, and I can think of at least 2 reasons why. (1) they're only 3 hours away, and (2) my parents have discovered goddamn AIM. I would block them, but I have a feeling that would have a negative effect on my cash flow, on which I so desperately rely.

Later today, when it's no longer really night, my family is coming to visit. Not what I would have wanted, but then again, the presents and foods are not driving themselves. (I made a similar remark to my father over AIM, and he actually (yet jokingly) used the word "shit" (as what I am). Of course, he's done so before, but only in moments of great distress (such as when the power goes crazy in the middle of a defrag) as my mom, being sort of old fashioned, does not smile upon rampant cursing. I can only assume he had time to realize what he was saying as he typed, so I'll chalk it up to my mom not being able to eavesdrop on the textual conversation. It was sort of funny though. Did I mention I really wish I could block them?)

If everything goes according to plan, I should be in possession of the fabled gamecube by the end of the day. Yes, I am 19. Yes, I requested that. Next question.

My mother should also bring with her some foodstuffs. Hopefully that will entail cupcakes and "haystacks". The haystacks she brings will not be in any way related to the ones on that node. They're a delicious, magically magical substance consisting of (basically) corn flakes, peanut butter, and sugar. They are the perfect food. Seriously. I'm pretty sure their level of addictiveness is well beyond opium derivatives. I think I shall try to obtain information on how one makes said perfect food, and later post it on this very site. It would be criminal to tell you good folks about the glorious haystacks and not provide you with the means to create your own.

The cupcakes are going to be no less amazing, as I can only assume she shall top them with icing. "Duh" you say. Well, friends, this isn't just any old icing. It's sugar icing made of sugar featuring a special guest appearance by sugar. Plus a little vanilla, I think. Keeping with the drug comparisons, it'll give you a buzz far beyond any stimulant you've tried.

Getting away from the food topics, this will be the first birthday I've had while I've been an active member of E2, as the last one was during a random two months off from noding (the reason for which I cannot recall).

Thanks for the entertainment thus far, guys. With luck, E2 will still be around in some form or another when I hit 99...

Hope your day ends up being as good as mine!

Ah, the events of the day are done. Haystacks, cupcakes with fabled icing, a small bowl of the leftover icing, plus fig newtons club crackers and cheese in a can. Mmm, cheese in a can. I do indeed have a gamecube (black, looks slightly less immature and matches the PS2), along with Super Mario Sunshine. And a message inbox full of greetings from you guys here on E2! Thanks to everyone who /msg'd me.

My mom's going to email me the exact recipe, but for now, you shall have to be happy with a complete list of ingredients: corn flakes, peanut butter, sugar, and corn syrup. From those simple parts, one can manufacture heaven. It's modern alchemy, folks. And deliciously so.