"Brazzaville is the capital of what country?"

. . o o O (My name is Little Bongo,
I sing my little song-go.
Whenever I get called upon
the teacher says I'm wrong-go.
My name is little Bongo
I love to play ping pong-go.
I have an ear upon my head
They say it's very long-go.)


. . o o O ((My name is little Bongo
I'm known as a ding-dong-go.
There's just one place that I'd belong...)

"That would be the Congo."

"Very good! Very VERY good!"

. . .

An iconic misfit, Bongo is the infamous one-eared rabbit protagonist of Matt Groening's comic strip Life in Hell. Raised by anthropomorphic bunnies Binky and Sheba*, Bongo's life is fraught with inexplicable contradictions and regular punishments meted out seemingly arbitrarily, often taking the form of being locked in a small room while observed through a slit in the door. It is hinted that his relationship with Binky, his father, is if not abusive still the most terrifying element in his short life, the ominous silhouette of an angry rabbit dominating the foreground of many a one-panel strip while Bongo claims innocence.

Bongo's letter to Santa:
Dear Santa,
All I want for Xmas is my two front teeth.
And another ear.
Your freind,

. . .

In a similar vein, Bongo is also the name of Matt Groening's publishing imprint that produces The Simpsons-related comic book materials such as Radioactive Man, Treehouse of Horror, Bartman, Itchy and Scratchy Comics, Krusty Comics and the Simpsons Annuals. Parallel to this publisher is Groening's Zongo imprint, which publishes material that is less-oriented towards children.

* Bongo was actually conceived before Binky and Sheba ever met, in the blacked-out centre bottom panel of 1981's strip "Binky's Jungle Passion: Part Three." In 1983's "Hellabaloo", shortly after hooking up with Sheba Binky is confronted with a visitation from Hulga, a female of indeterminate species with whom he shared a one-night stand in that infamous black panel. She leaves Binky with the toddler and disappears to pursue her career in New York.

Bongo is named after "Club Bongo", where Binky and Hulga met.