Such a good night. I had my standard paralysis night terror last night only this time the dream turned lucid. I felt a spike of unbelievable pain shoot into my head and then my body started to tingle. I opened my eyes. Saw my bedroom, heard its hum. Everything was normal except I could move and normally I cant open my eyes untill the evil dred feeling has soaked in. Normally the pain and tingle signals a terrible anxiety attack and paralysis, this time there was only the nagging possiblity of something bad. I realized I was dreaming. The word Lucid occured. I started enlarging the objects around my room with my mind. The room was not comprised of right angles and everything looked slanted and painted. I got nervous the dream would end and I would lose my chance at full control of my dream. I started to push myself through walls and the floor. As I passed through the barriers I realized the full extent of my control. I decided to form pleasure. I made pleasure grow from my stomach and reach through my body as I rolled through walls and left my room for limbo. floating.

I woke up. Looked nervously around my room trying to figure out if that was the evil dream tricking me, trying to figure out if I was awake or asleep. I wrote it all down, but even as I wrote I was suspect.