If there is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE /msg me and I will have this node nuked and if you can tell us what it is, where to buy it or explain how to make it I will send you flowers and candy (I will 100% do this). Barring that.

This is a double question. Why in relation to limitations in our understanding of the brain and orgasms? Why in relation to the Pharma companies producing/researching this?

On the second why I am very confused. Because these companies chose what they developed based on what will sell, zero regard to what society needs. Perhaps this a touchy issue because conceptually it seems like a narcotic? The reason this is a not a good point though is because some people suffer from a disorder called anorgasmia where, usally a woman, cant cum. Mostly this is caused by anxiety but many other medical conditions that affect the nerves in or going to the pelvis can also cause this. So they have a right to this drug, if it exists, because, in the US, you have a right to persue happiness and liberty or something like that.

Anyway any help, preferably biological, would help. Only serious stuff please.

Thanks Geez, it will take me a while to look into that stuff. As for the heroin and e these (especially heroin) can induce orgasm but not instant orgasms and they are not demonstrations of our understanding of cumming and creating a drug to induce it. They are like hacking at you brain with a knife and letting the dopamines spill out.

Someone recently told me of a nitrous oxide type solvent that engorges the clitoris. This has potential. The offer of flowers and chocolate is still open for someone who knows of a drug.