For me, it was a night of discovery.

I discovered that Agent Maus made a fabulous guest of honour, and was wonderfully compliant in cultural exchanges. Long may he be lubricated!

I discovered that Kalon’s gladiator was a very good deterrent - and the evil one was no where to be seen that whole evening. Agent Maus remained safe. (On another note, I have since discovered that Kalon in fact was in charge of defence for the evening. This is in contrast to the mistaken assumption that he was in charge of entertainment. This explains the lack of sheep and their shearers.)

I discovered another international amongst our midst, Tribbel, who made a surprise appearance in his efforts of seeking asylum. My discoveries on the dealings between the Dutch and the CIA are noted, but for reasons of international security will not be divulged here.

I discovered Arnie’s plot. Indeed, it is very unlikely that he will be able to change the American legal system, specifically that only a native-born person can rule that empire. But, imagine if he could get Austria annexed... then he and his muscles are set.

I discovered that several people would travel far to ensure that Agent Maus was protected at all costs. Thanks to Blakjak, Orpheum and smokng0at. And further to Sneff and Taliesin's Muse for providing quarters for these long-distant recruits.

I discovered that Australian noders are amazingly resourceful. Despite E2’s attempts to relocate with short notice, all noders arrived. Information was located through internet searches, internet caches and just plain organisation of writing the details in a diary. We were all there!

I discovered Sneff will always be found on the top of a cliff. If I need to find Sneff, I just look straight up and know he will be about 20 metres higher. Next noder meet is to be in the suburbs!

I discovered that the shiftwork/ roster system worked plenty fine. A hooray! for the late shift: PowderedTOASTman, The Bexxta, Qetesh, tres equis, and any others I may have forgotten.

And finally, when operations were shut down - the evil one must have been tipped off to our whereabouts, I discovered that Hell is not an endpoint. If you go through Hell, you get to a funky disco. Many thanks to Inoshiro_K and others for protection during this difficult time... and to Freaek: you piked!

I discovered that anti-interrogation training can distort memories, so please forgive me - or /msg me if I've forgotten any other discoveries made during the evening.

I know it's been a long time since the gathering, but there was also a long hiatus from the move. I still think a few words needed to be said about the successful event.