Here's Mr. Squiggle
With lots of fun for everyone
Here's Mr. Squiggle
Sing a happy tune.

You can see we're as happy as can be
Mr Squiggle, the man from the moon.

Mr. Squiggle is an Australian TV show that features a puppet with a pencil for a nose. Mr Squiggle comes down from the moon each episode to produce artistic masterpieces from squiggles sent in by Aussie kids.

After creating something recognisable from random lines, circles and squiggles, Mr. Squiggle sometimes rotates the canvas and creates something new from the image that he has just made. Sometimes the pictures he makes are quite cool, especially considering that they derive from his previous attempts to bring order out of randomness.

To play the Mr. Squiggle home game, have a friend (or yourself) draw some random squiggles, then try and create a picture from it. Once you're done, rotate it and pass it on to someone else to see what they can do. Space walks are optional.

A picture of the rather phallic Mr. Squiggle: