Besides being a pronoun, We is an ambient/dub/techno/club/electronica/hip-hop group started somewhere around 1992-1994 in New York City. We is Ignacio Platas (a.k.a. Once 11) Gregor Asch (a.k.a DJ Olive) and Rich Panciera (Lloop). You might have seen them as Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation or Multipolyomni, as they've done 'events' or 'multimedia installations' and parties under those names (and seperately or in pairs under many others). Oh - and they've worked as Liminal when with guitarist Danny Blume. We's first release was on Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Vol. 1. Their best known track is probably "3/10th of the Population" from released by Asphodel Records. For music from the same school, think DJ Spooky or Byzar.