I fell asleep on the couch.

I am driving at night in my little oyota down an anonymous road. It's hard to see, even with the headlights on - I must not have my contacts in.

I'm driving through a scientific research facility's warehouse. It's huge. Park my car in one of the side halways off the warehouse area, and walked in to the resarch area proper. There is no one there, it being a Sunday, and, at the front entrance - an impressive minimalist design almost completely made of windows that let the Sunday morning sun in, the escalators aren't on. While walking down the escalators I realize this is a dream. I'm lucid.

There's no more glorious sensation than that I feel flying in dreams, so, kicking up my heels, I float down the hardwood stairs. I ache to get outside, but the dream starts falling apart around me; maybe, I think, if I can just get out among the trees, I can keep asleep. I turned upside-down unwillingly. Two feet from the door
I wake up.

I was on my back on the couch.
Spinning. Spinning, damn it. I forgot that that's what they say helps keep a lucid dream from falling apart.
Hopefully there'll be a next time.