So, this is my fourth writeup, and my first day log. This is not a special day, not an even a normal day in an interesting life, and I will not even be talking about anything that's happening in the so called "Real World". Instead, I will be talking about day logging my first day log.

Sound boring? Well, it probably will be. But not to me. I have no idea what makes a good day log. Some day logs are pages long, some are only a sentence or two. Some are about important life events, some are just random bits of mind-fluff. Some are like journals, some are like this - ramblings and meandering thoughts.

So far I think I'm doing okay with my noding. I've only done three (four, if you count the poem that died two minutes after it was posted), but I suspect that daylogs have a much higher Doom rate. I'm assuming that the actual death rate is lower, but a surprising number of users' lowest ranked writeups (i.e. Doomed writeups) are daylogs. Of course, it could just be that many daylogs tend to sit at 0 (+0/-0) forever. I'm kind of assuming that this will be my lowest ranked writeup, at least until my next daylog.

So, this is going to be a baseline. I have my narcissistic, experimental daylog. Next time I have my heart broken or am in a multi-car pileup or whatever, I'll do another daylog, and compare them.

I'm going to go fish the neighbor's ferret out of the birdbath again. I'll check back soon.