Discography reformatted from http://www.brainwashed.com/kid606

as: KID 606

"P.S. I Love You" long-playing CD/LP from Mille Plateaux

"Down With The Scene" long-playing CD from Ipecac

"Soccergirl EP" on Carpark

"Attitude EP" on tigerbeat6

"kid606/lesser split tour" 7" from 555 Recordings of Leeds

"the kid606/remote viewer pic disc" from 555 Recordings of Leeds

"Attittude 7" release through v/vm test recordings in the UK.

"split 12" with Christoph De Babalon on Fat Cat in the UK.

"don't sweat the technics" - full length cd on VC

"1998 split cd" lesser/kid606 split cd with lesser aka lsr on VC

"unamerican activity" omnibot/kid606 split cd ep with omnibot on VC

"kid606 theory" remix for lockweld "blue print theories" cd ep on VC

"kid606 in love with the underground" remix for the rapture "mirror" cd/12" on gravity records

"half wit-kid606 remix" hidden track for the locust s/t cd on GSL

"thumper-average white boy remix" remix on the persona "maximal" CD on VC

"kitten with a whip" track on the "sadomachinism" comp on misanthropic agenda

"catstep" track with miss kick on the fourth(?) irritant mag comp

"lets NOT get this party started" track with scsi bear on "enter the monkey" cd comp

"luke vibert can kiss my indie-punk whiteboy ass" / "I'm so bored with the usa" vol 2. 7" on diskono

"ruin them,ruin you rself, than ruin me" 7" on the guncourt series on wabana

"GQ on the EQ 10" on 555 Recordings of Leeds (first pressing red vinyl,second black)

"Dubplatestyle 12"" on VC (some copies floating around on clear vinyl,)

"pangolin" remix for david kristian on the "woodworking" cricklewood remixed cd on alien8 recordings

"......just another cool cat out looking for a kitty" 7" on underscore (lmtd to 250)

"whiteboy rage" auraloffalwaffel 2xcd comp on V/VM

"nobody wants to be a star anymore" on the 555 cd comp "you gotta get more alive"

"over and under" a remix for gentle giant (yeah, that old prog band...) on the WMO GG remix cd "knots"

"kid606 and friends vol.1" cd on tigerbeat6 feat. remixs and collaboraions with hrvatski, electric company, underwood, matmos, marumari, lexaunculpt, chessie,aube,the rapture, jake mandell, christoph de babalon, twisted science, cex, the sinking body, solvent, vomit lunchs,miss kick and max tundra

"sonqizzmaster" on clicks and cuts 2xcd on mille plateaux

"buffalo 606: the morning after" on Ricci's Pieces, free with FAQT mag

as: tigerboy

"the anal retentive last stand-tigerboys keep on giving up the things you need for love remix" on the lesser "welcome to the american experience" full length cd on VC

as: ariel

"the starbody ep" 12" vinyl only on VC

"ariel" s/t cassete limited release of a 100

"just in time" on "enter the monkey" cd comp

with spacewurm

"army of god-experimentations in intelligent gabber" cd and vinyl on VC

with disc

"2xcd" double cd on VC

"gaijincd4" full length cd with bonus "enhanced" cd on VC

"nullsonic" full length cd collaboration with KK Null of zena geva on VC

"brave2ep" the "white" album (cd only) on VC

"transfer" 2x12" locked grooves and other weirdness on delux recordings

if anyone has dates on these realeases, let me know...