don marquis and other
great writers insisted
on the underwood
it was hard to kill and could
milk a ribbon i like it because
there is lots of space under it to hid in
by the way could you
have your pizza guy put a
bit more cheese on
and skip the anchovies please
the place stinks so bad
even mehitabel is staying away
yr pal archie

Classic brand of typewriter, invented by Franz Wagner and first produced in 1895 by entrepreneur John Thomas Underwood. The underwood style of front stroke, QWERTY ribbon based machines became the de facto standard. The most popular model was the Underwood #5, which is a collector's item today. This remained the machine of choice until the introduction of the IBM Selectric in the 1960s.

Un"der*wood` (?), n.

Small trees and bushes that grow among large trees; coppice; underbrush; -- formerly used in the plural.

Shrubs and underwoods look well enough while they grow within the shade of oaks and cedars. Addison.


© Webster 1913.

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