"Marumari's music is like a soundtrack to my Saturdays spent feeding nuts to squirrels in the park"

High praise indeed.

Marumari is Josh Presseisen, an IDM artist whose name is derived from the rolling ball ability in the NES game Metroid. Influenced by the sounds of Boards of Canada, Kid 606, and video game music, Marumari's sound is mellow and dense, with bouncy basslines, bubbling synths, and heavy emphasis on melody. Imagine the lighthearted playfulness of mu-ziq combined with the analogue atmospheric melodies of Boards of Canada and you'll have something close to the sound of Marumari's music.

Story of the Heavens (Cunsanto Records) 1999
Ballad of the Round Ball (Carpark Records) 1999
The Wolves Hollow(Carpark Records) 2000
Supermogadon (Carpark Records) 2001
4876 (Audiobot Records) Vinyl Only! 2001

Marumari has also contributed to numerous other compilation albums, including Blip, Bleep (Sountracks to Imaginary Video Games).

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