Ugh... so I'm feeling like a complete fool. It seems as if all I've done so far this semester is embarass myself in front of my profs. The other day it was Dr. K., the electrodynamics prof. My friend C asked a ridiculously stupid question in class (think high school level calculus in a third year university physics course). As per our usual methods of dealing with stuff like this, I said "Good job, C." To which Dr. K. responded, "That's the kind of negative peer pressure we don't need in this class." And went on about how he wants people to ask more questions. Then my friend A. remarked quite loudly on how red I was turning, while the entire class laughed. Then C. stuck his tongue out at me.

That was not a good day.

But, as I found out today, things can and do tend to get worse. So, I was just getting off of the elevator when Dr. D., my thermodynamics prof, was getting on. He asked me how I was. And before I knew it, the words "I hate your class" came flying out of my mouth. Then my brain kicked in. WTF!!! I just said that to my PROF!!! I am so FUCKING TOAST!!! So Dr. D. hopped back off of the elevator before the doors closed, to ask me if I was having problems in the course and to try to help me figure things out. Shit!! I haven't read the notes yet!! So I BS'd about how I didn't understand the difference between exact and inexact differentials, as he was using the terms in the class and how I was confused about adiabats and PV curves and all that.... I tried to get rid of him as fast as I could so I could go try to remove my feet from my mouth. But he wouldn't stop talking to me, trying to help me. So I told him I would come ask questions later.

That finally worked. So I read the notes, and did actually have some questions to ask later (so I don't feel like such a retard pretending I was confused), and they were even actually along the lines of what I had been BS'ing about. So he explained it thouroughly to me, and I even kind of get it now.

I still felt so dumb for telling him I hated his class, though. So I emailed to apologize. He was pretty good about it, and even told me that he said the same things to some of his profs when he was an undergrad, and some of them were really good profs. Whether or not that's a lie, I'll never know. But I guess at least he didn't take it too seriously.