I was nine months pregnant. I was waiting to be taken to the hospital. For some reason, myself and several other pregnant women were waiting at what looked like a gas station from outside, but was actually just a room with rows of nice, comfortable padded benches for us to sit on.

I remember the feeling of being so round and full and heavy. Almost like I was ripe.

I was pacing (as I am wont to do during times of stress) and I decided that I had to go to the bathroom and it could not wait until I got to the hospital. So I went into the bathroom at the gas station / waiting room, expecting it to be a normal dirty gas station bathroom. When I went in, I saw that it was actually a really nice bathroom, very clean, with a large bathtub. So I decided that what I really needed was a bath.

I filled the tub and got in. I was running my hands over my full, round stomach and noticed that, for some reason, I could feel the outline of the baby's head, very, very close to where the baby was supposed to come out. (For some reason, I guess I had no pelvic bones, otherwise, how could I feel that?)

Anyways, I called my mother into the bathroom and laid down and gave one push and the baby came out. I remember telling my mother that it really wasn't that hard at all, why do people complain about it?

She wrapped the baby up, a boy, and put him down on the carpet beside me. In that sudden, shifting way of dreams, the baby had a full head of hair that looked just like my love's, and my love was there beside me talking to the baby. I was filled with incredible feelings of love and joy.

Then I woke up. *sigh* What a happy dream.