Ruins of an ancient temple on Venus (everything is in shades of green).
A rude frog-looking person smoking a cigar represents an evil corporation bent on destroying this planet.
Supposedly that would help them gain power on Earth.
He has taken all the readings he needs and is satisfied that we pose no threat.

As he takes off, I grab some missiles I had been hiding, lock one on to his ship, and fire it.

I lock a few more missiles on, and fire them too. They blow him to smithereens and the day is ours.

Except, I didn't have time to lock on, so I lead him by a decent amount, considering I was only a few feet removed from his flight path. At the last minute, he curves up more than I had expected, and the missile sails harmlessly under the ship and it is now too late to catch up to him. We are doomed.

Except, the missiles weren't even there to be picked up and fired. That's because they were (disguised as?) D-cell batteries constructed from a revolutionary new battery alloy that we discovered on the planet, and I had used one in a flashlight, and lent one to Jessimuhka who was hiding in the next archway so she could power her new Logitech USB Optical Mouse. It took so long to get ahold of them that I couldn't get a decent lock.

We arrived on the planet in a construction ship that looks like a crane. We were laying the foundation for a colony, but when we discovered this ancient temple, a bunch of religious types back on Earth got upset that we might destroy their world view. They claimed that the ruins were a "fake" that we had planted to increase revenue from the new battery alloy that we had "invented." They offered to prove the ruins were a fake by destroying them. In order to make sure no other fakes were attempted, they also intended to destroy the entire planet. This has the added benefit of proving that the Earth is the center of the universe.