Odd because it didn't follow the plot of any dream I can remember having before. Odd because it didn't involve anyone I know, not even myself.

The tall steel and glass tower of the headquarters of Morgan Enterprises. CEO Nwabudike Morgan greets the foreign investors in his office overlooking the city. He and his most successful executives (who have no names nor faces) have agreed to donate some DNA samples for a noble cause.

Good sir, there is nothing you could take from me that I would more willingly part withal.... Except my life. Except my life. Except my life.

The executives are taken on a tour of the foreigners' My dorm. I think, "the entrance down on the right should be open." It is. They make their way inside. And oh yeah: it's a ship now, not a building.

The body of the ship is filled (rather sparsely) with cubicles. Each executive checks out a different one. The one Morgan walks into is shaped like this:

|           <-- M
|          _____
|    |     |    |
|    |     |    |
|    |  X  | A  |
|    |     |    |
|____|     |____|
Just as he reaches X, the mousetrap is sprung and a false ceiling unrolls from A, subsequently lowering walls to the ground.

They all fall screaming into a dark pit, so dark no light can ever escape. Outside, a brunette reporter is describing why the aliens abducted them.