The second song on the self-titled first album by the Canadian band Rush. Words and music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Featuring John Rutsey on drums and backup vocals, Lifeson on guitar and backup vocals and Lee on bass and lead vocals.

In the tradition of rock songs that allude to, but never actually say "sex", Rush manages to keep the lyrics clean while satisfying their young male fans with plenty of "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" innuendo. The well-known male preoccupation with (and desperation about) sex is evident in each of the six stanzas. First, "there's nothing I want more/ In the whole wide world", followed by "I need it now/ Before I start to fade away" and others. I am especially amused by the confession, in the third stanza, that the singer is unable to "rise above" his base, animal passions and that after an entire week of searching unsuccessfully, his "knees are startin' gettin' weak".

In the fifth stanza, the singer uncovers the fact that he actually has a particular girl in mind, in contrast to the sense in the first stanza, where he is "runnin' here" and "there...lookin' for a girl". The words of the fifth stanza suggest that the chosen girl either doesn't understand, or pretends not to understand, his intentions (his "needs"). Should she be flattered that he has chosen to concentrate on her, rather than continue "hustlin'"?

Because of copyright restrictions, only a small sample of the lyrics are reproduced below.

Well, I need it quick
And I need it now
Before I start to fade away
That's why I'm searchin'
That's why I'm lookin'
Each and ev'ry day

Oo, I need some love
I said I need some love!
Oo yes, I need some love
This feelin' I can't rise above
Yeah, yeah!

Source: My Rush CD collection