Dear Day log,

I have been depressed today and I hate that. I’m a little worried that it may be that my Sarafem is wearing off like my doctor said it might. His exact words were that it could “poop out” after a year or so. Hello one year of taking it. Hello sleeping all day.

I stayed home sick today from work because my sinuses were unhappy. I hate people who daylog about being sick, but here I am doing it. Here I am telling you about my problems as if you care. Maybe you do care. Maybe you are a very caring person. Maybe I will get better from you sending me your caring thoughts from around the world. Maybe I will get so many of your caring thoughts that I get overloaded with them and I will have to run right out and share them with others that need them.

So instead of wallowing in all this while I wait for the wave of caring to come crashing on me, I have been trying to make myself feel better. First I napped with the dog, who is warm and smells like sleep. Then I fired up the hazelnut candle. Yum. Why can’t the world always smell this good? Then I picked up a new book to read. The Best American Non Required Reading edited by Dave Eggers is very good. Almost too good. After that I thought a little television would help. I can always find someone on t.v. to make me feel better about my current state. And it sorta worked. Flipping past MTV, I found Making the Video for the new Mariah Carey video. Man, she is a dork. I mean just pathetic. What up with those boobs? Are those things real? They look so gross. Then there’s the fact that she is just without talent. Eek. I am so mean. Sorry if you dig her. She made me feel better just knowing that at least I’m not owned by a corporation and trotted out half naked for the masses to consume. Ok, venom dispensed.

Now I think I will try exercise, chocolate and touching my bowl of river rocks. All three have ancient powers that mocking Mariah Carey doesn’t. I’m sure of it.