From 2009 to 2011, "Xe" was the name of one of the world's largest providers of private military personal. Essentially, Xe was (is) an equipped and trained army for hire, a mercenary force, based in the USA and composed mostly of former US military and law enforcement personnel. You probably know them better (if at all), by their former name, "Blackwater." And it was under the name of Blackwater that the company provided large numbers of security details during the War in Iraq, guarding US State Department employees, working for private companies who were themselves running around building military bases and convoying food and such, and occasionally tangling with the locals and causing trouble. Which made them the most criticized government contractor this side of Halliburton, and led to that name change in 2009. Which by itself perhaps got enough publicity that the company, still stinging from prior publicity, changed its name again in 2011, this time to the intentionally forgettable "Academi." Their old logo had wicked-looking sharp-clawed grizzly bear pawprints on it. Their new one has a graphic element which looks sort of like somebody threw a few sheets of paper in the air and caught a picture of them falling to the ground. This is understandable. After all, unlike Pringles or Mitsubishi or Walmart, this company doesn't need to seep its name broadly into the public consciousness to connect with its dubious, sometimes nefarious, sometimes governmental clientele.