Silently the gas arose
From beneath my Winter clothes
Settling beneath my nose.
'Twas my fart.

Others in the place I dwell
Began to wonder, what's that smell?
Like sulfur from unholy Hell?
'Twas my fart.

I shifted on the creaky wood.
Confession would do no man good,
The face of innocence, I stood,
Tho 'twas my fart.

But suddenly a horrid BRAP!!
Elided from beneath the flap
Which keeps my nethers under wrap.
'Twas my fart.

With stiffened spine and shoulders squared,
Mortified I stood and stared,
My gaseous nature, public bared.
For 'twas my fart.

At last I fell, to wail and weep,
This secret I had strained keep,
And yet could not suppress that peep.
'Twas my fart.

This story has its sullen moral,
That emissions less than floral,
Sometimes sing with loudness choral.
So sang my fart!!