Many different rhyming forms may be applied to communications through a text message. Undoubtedly the most notorious after texting itself is sexting, the sending of sexually provocative messages to another, usually a significant other, but possibly just a stranger met on the internet.

A typical sexting session proceeds something like this:

Her: o bb i wnt u so bad, wnt ur hard cock inside me

Him: o yea i can feel u slidn up n down ovr my shaft

Her: u bend me ovr n tak me from b hind

Him: shit!! crashd n 2 tree!!

Her: omg!!

Originally, only characters were available, so if this was a random Internet encounter, you'd not know who was really on the other end; now everything's got cameras so you may simply click a link and see who you're actually sexting. YMMV.

Naturally, if you're sexting with your ex, well then you're exting. But sexting is hardly the only -exting thing going on. Here are some others:

Dexting: Texting about the hit TV series Dexter, wherein the title-named blood spatter analyst helping the cops catch the baddies is actually himself a serial killer -- who only kills other killers. On the same vibe, texting about Lex Luthor might be called Lexting. But nobody does that.

Hexting: Texting hexes.

Mexting: Texting with a Mexican.

Flexting: Dis is de texting to oll de guhlie men about youh giNOHmus moscles, unt eff you haff huge pectorals you can even do dat pexting.

Rexting: Texting with a Tyrannosaurus and/or other Kings.

And at last (but not least), there is...

Nexting.... and that one we don't even know what it is yet; it's whatever presently unforeseeable advent will come next!!