Chaos reigns. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Due to the level of interest in my book (or, to be completely fair, the book of sixteen authors, which I coordinated through to the finish line), the US publication date of Pandeism: An Anthology has been advanced from January 27 up to January 3 -- only ten days away!! (This is now reflected on the page for the book).

Note, this is firstly in the USA only, and via Amazon only -- other countries and other sites (Barnes & Noble, Target) still will have publication-ready books on January 27. We were tentatively planning a launch in the UK on January 27, but since the first availability of the book will precede this, that has gone up in the air, and is now looking like a February event.

The oddest thing about this episode, incidentally, is how I came to hear of it. My literary agent's mother preordered a copy of the book (apparently she likes to to do so for every book he works on), and she received an email from Amazon informing her that instead of having to wait until the end of January to receive her copy, it would be arriving at her doorstep by January 5. So she told him and he told me, and then he checked with the publisher, which confirmed that, some formulation reflecting a higher-than-expected number of page visits and preorders and wishlistings and such, and the popularity of some of the contributing authors (Zoltan Istvan, Bernardo Kastrup, and Anthony Peake especially, have stars on the rise), and positive early critical commentary, all led to Amazon opting to cash in ahead of schedule.

I hope this means what it sounds like it ought to -- this book, my book, is going to do.... well, "better than expected" (I had, really, no expectations going in). Mind you, financially this means nothing to me personally, as I have long since signed away any money ever to be made on this book to cover the costs incurred in getting to this point. But the idea will succeed, will gain ground in the grand marketplace of ideas, will proceed to split the difference between Pantheism and Deism, and more broadly between Atheism and Theism.

And as I have never hesitated to note, an idea can change the world, and there is no force in the Universe powerful enough to stand in the way of an idea whose time has come. So, check out my book -- and if you desire an autographed copy, I can arrange delivery through my agent. Blessings, all!!