If you needed any more proof that the Democrat party was just as corporate and regressive as the Republican party, the DEA announced the other day that it has now classified CBD oil, the non psychoactive but still incredibly healthful extract of the hemp plant as a Schedule 1 compound meaning it is i the same legal category as heroin but has no medicinal use even though countless have used it to treat everything from seizures to insomnia. It also helps fight cancer.

Remember when people were hugely excited about hope and change whuch rurned out not to include the universal healthcare and marijuana legalization people thought would come from a community organizer and former pot smoker and cocaine user. What we got was the atrocious abortion called Obamacare and the equivalent of a reclassification of coconut water as being like crystal meth. Oh sorry, meth has a medicinal use but only if it is called Adderall and sold by Big Pharma.


People are whining that Trump is stacking his cabinet with Big Business interests and so forth but I don't see any quantifiable difference between you and them. You put Comcast in charge of the FCC and the insurance companies in charge of healthcare.


For all Hillary bleated that she'd be different- you had EIGHT YEARS in power. What do you have to show for it? A final fuck you to sick people on the way out the door.




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