I don't normally write daylogs but it isn't a normal day when we, the Everything community (Everything IS a community) lose one of our members. I am referring to the very sad news that Hermetic has passed on.

I don't know what to say, really, but I feel I must say something. I didn't know Hermetic (Adam, I'm told) and don't recall talking to him in the chatterbox, but I have read some of his work. I'm told Adam is leaving behind 3 children. I wish I could do something for them, but I don't know how I can replace a father for them.

I feel my throat choking up a little. I've been a member of E2 since just this April, but I never realized how enmeshed I had become in its culture, its friendly banter and serious discussions, its... community. To lose one of the community is like losing a friend I know in real life... it's like a howl in the night, rocking you awake, suddenly very awake. I just want to take this space to let you all know how much I like and respect you (and, yes, even love you) for being here and making E2 what it is today. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Hermetic.

Funny how a silly website can develop such feelings.

I leave you a fragment of Saliva's "My Goodbyes"... these are MY goodbyes to you, Adam.

I feel like I wasted time when I didn't have you on my mind
I feel like I'm all alone
How could I have known you would leave my side?
It all was so simple then when it all began
And I was your smile
And now you're just words in stone
You're just dust and bones
And I'll join you there in time
Oh my God, how did I make it this far?
Why can't I be where you are?
Oh my God I think I'm dying
Oh my God why can't you take it away
Or give me just one more day of just apologizing?

Rest in Peace, Adam.