Create it as a Person

The bad thing about writing is that a good writer leaves no proof of his fiction(Even in non-fiction, this is true). He makes real whatever he words with no regard for the truth of the matter. He refuses reality and perceives to create a new one from fragments he observes in the world around him. I am an obessesed writer and go through this first hand. I want to know, hear, and see everything until this world becomes an immensly large place to borrow from.

The problem is abstract at first. After all it is a powerful skill to be able to convince people, but the muse has absorbed me for many hours and is programming me to relentlessly pursue her mastery. Often, I spend so much time thinking to be a convincing character, that I forget to stop and be myself when I'm done. In this dissociative fugue, I am merely an empty student, curiously jumping off of bridges just to know what it feels like, talking back to cops to see what they do, and embarassingly witnessing myself to learn. These tend to be reckless excursions that cost more than they're worth.

Sometimes my friends call me during these fictitious episodes and I forget to realize that this personality is not mine. I hope they understand:

After such an invested process as splitting nothing into one, the rough draft is finished, and I must test every living word of it.